Closure – I’ve got my Master’s!

ValmisFinaljpgThis spring has been still partly quite hectic. I’ve finished my minor subjects (public health; health and disease in developing countries) and I wasn’t sure if I’m going to graduate in May or in June and what’s going to happen. However, all the bureaucracy stuff went extremely smoothly, thanks to the Faculty of Social Sciences, and I got to know yesterday that everything is ok and they have accepted my degree, eventually with extremely good grades as well!

I still don’t quite get it, this project has been on since 1996, and while I’ve been working hard and doing useful things (=being away from the Uni and getting highly useful work experience from the Parliament of Finland etc), getting a degree is still getting a degree. This goal has been there in the background all the time, lurking.

At the moment I’m looking for a new job and I’m also applying funding for my PhD. Unfortunately I can register as a PhD candidate only in November (new system…), so this project won’t go anywhere until I’ve got the position and funding. My research plan should be good and the topic is also both important and interesting, if I may say so myself. However, the expertise in this field is quite narrow in Finland so let’s hope there will be someone with applicable knowledge reviewing my applications! :)

I just realized that I still haven’t written any summary of my thesis process and I should do it asap. Perhaps I’ll browse my posts from last summer and try to remember what it was all like… I remember it was pretty much about piles of paper, desperation, laptop and nervous breakdown. This year, however, I’m extremely happy to be enjoying sun and sea, some strawberries and bubbly instead. Not to forget my new hobby: soccer! :)


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