A super-duper March

I can’t believe that we are already in March! So much has happened, and still everything is pretty much the same. I’ve been studying as hard as earlier and I’m almost there with my graduation. Still some stuff to do but not much. Yay. I will get back to my thesis process as I promised, because I want to write down some details for future reference.

I did not get funding for my doctoral thesis so at the moment that project is on hold. The research plan has been reviewed and no changes have been suggested so we’ll see!

One thing different from earlier winters has been me being ill. I don’t usually get flus or other nasty bugs, but this winter I’ve been sick already twice. As I write this, I hope to get rid of annoying head cold, because soon it’s spring again and allergy season… Yup, it’s March and we had -10C this morning and snow and… but blue sky and sunshine, which is nice. :)

I also resigned from my job,  so I’m looking for new challenges. And we have a new Pope. And I’ve visited Barcelona, Sagrada Família and Camp Nou for the very first time. And I saw Messi, Iniesta and Puyol playing. And I saw Aurora Borealis for the first time ever, and in Helsinki, of all places (Lapland is the most common area to see them in Finland). And… yes, last but not least: I got engaged!

At the moment I feel that March 2013 has been in a way the busiest and the most remarkable month of my life in many, many years. :D

2013-03-09 19.05.39

2013-03-08 18.42.56

2013-03-08 14.57.48

2013-03-08 15.10.31

EDIT: I just have to add that super-duper March continues: Spain and Finland met yesterday and the result was 1-1. In football (as in soccer). Unbelievable. Maybe Finland will become football society after all… Below Teemu Pukki scoring 1-1 :)



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