Interviewing and transcribing – nothing new under the sun

I haven’t updated the blog just because I’d have the same, the same to write: nowadays I’m just interviewing and transcribing, transcribing and interviewing… Transcribing is definitely not my favourite thing to do but it must be done, so can’t complain. Interviewing, on the other hand, has been fun – I’ve met interesting people, got very useful information and my head is always exploding after those sessions, usually from 2 to 3 hours each. Our next thesis meeting (and it’ll be the last official one, yikes!) will take place in the end of May, so by that time I should also write something new. I had planned that I’d write that something right now but I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible. Transcribing takes sooooooo much time that that’s all I can do right now. Besides interviewing.

Luckily I have also something else to do: I should run my very first half marathon next Saturday! I’m excited but also nervous, the weather forecast shows +6C and rain so definitely not the best weather for an enjoyable run… Oh well, if it rains, it rains and I run. :) I haven’t been actually training for this event, the idea came only for 2 months ago but I’ll see how far ballet and other activities will take me! I don’t have any time goals but I’d like to be able to run more or less the whole route, so we’ll see.

AND the following day I would have the most super exciting ballet class with live music, having an Étoile from the Finnish National Ballet as my teacher (!) but I’ve already warned the others that I may be able just to sit in the corner and watch. :D I’ll do my best of course that I could participate with others but as I’ve never actually run +20k I have no idea how my legs will feel afterwards.

…and back to my transcriptions.


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