Cheers for me!

This week has been a week of improvements.

First of all, I’ve finally got the official paperwork done for my minor subject study right (Faculty of Medicine) and I’m expecting to get a student number etc next week.

Second, I got to know the result for my very first exam that I wrote about in my previous study-related post. It was a very difficult exam and I wasn’t sure how I will do, if I will even pass it and I’m thrilled to report, that I didn’t just pass but got a grade 3 (good/C)! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the result. :D

Third, I finally got the grade for my paper that I wrote in July for another Med programme: a full 5 (excellent/A) and also the final grade for that whole programme was the same, 5. I am so happy! I worked hard and I was extremely motivated but still, one never knows.

I’ve also written an article summary for my English professor and I’ll meet her next week for feedback for that paper and for another one. If I’ve understood correctly, after that meeting (if it goes well :)), I should be done with my Advanced Academic Writing course. It may be that I’ve missed a section, but we’ll see.

The next assignment is to prepare a presentation on Aristotle, it’ll take place on Wednesday. Everyone attending is going to present a political theorist (such as Platon, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Bodin, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Marx, Nietzche, Weber, Arendt, Foucault) during our working seminar, and as I wished for Aristotle, I’m in the first slot. I’ve been planning and preparing this already for three weeks and this weekend I should finish the work. The course consists of presentations and of a c. 10-page article/theorist. I had quite an irrational reason for choosing Aristotle, but I’m very glad I followed my instincts – this man really is and was a genious. Which shouldn’t be a suprise of course, but somehow I hadn’t really realized what Aristotle is all about before exploring him for this assignment.

After I’m done with him, I should start drafting the literature review for my thesis seminar and study for my Population Health exam; the seminar session and exam are on the same day…typical. And as I probably mentioned earlier, I have also been asked to give a lecture at the University of Applied Science HUMAK, which also takes place around the same time, so those tasks will keep me busy also in the coming weeks. :)


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